studio HOU x LIN 侯林設計 - Guangfu-Elementary-School


台灣 台南 2021
Tainan, Taiwan 2021


The kindergarten is located at Tainan Municipal Wunsian Elementary School. The design retains the large-scale trees around the site. Because this site is at risk of flooding, the site is raised by one meter. The masses follow the environment pattern to configure a compact but comfortable compounded area, forming the kindergarten’s little world.

In another word, the Wunsian Kindergarten is just like a reliable castle built on the highland, our design proposal contains the form, space, material and variety of aspects to enlighten the aesthetic experience, and encourage the toddlers to explore, learn, and create.

建築設計 侯林設計
位置 台灣 台南
結構顧問 超偉工程
木構顧問 台灣森科
機電顧問 信崴電機
建築面積 875m2
總樓地板 875m2
時間 2021 -
造價 6900萬 台幣