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Liu Kui Cuo Management Center

台灣 屏東 2022
Tainan, Pingtung 2022

Liu Kuai Cuo Industrial Management Centre is located in Pingtung Technology Industrial Park. The land is broad and flat while the sky is clear blue which consists the goodness of this environment. Considering the geographic condition, the north-faced main entrance of this site slightly lacks daylight. To highlight the magnificence of the sunlight environment of Pingtung, we do numerous research on massing, making the roof in different angles of slanting surface, just like origami. By lowering the height of the entrance gate, we expect that all the visitors can identify the light and shade of the Management Centre. Let the concept of origami reflect the beauty of this southern land daylight.

建築設計 侯林設計
位置 台灣 屏東
結構顧問 超偉工程
木構顧問 台灣森科
燈光顧問 月河燈光
建築面積 277m2
總樓地板 277m2
時間 2022 -
造價 5520萬 台幣